What Is Visme Used For

What is Visme Used For

What is Visme used for and what is it best at or is it a jack of all trades in terms of graphic design. Whenever I do a review on a platform like this I usually write a full review but I have to be honest and say that if I did that for Visme … Read more

Best Ice Breakers For Meetings

Best Ice Breakers for Meetings

What are the best Ice Breakers for meetings? If you want to use Ice Breakers in meetings then you need to use the right ones that will work in the type of meeting you are planning. Most people think ice breakers are for training sessions, presentations and seminars but they don’t realize they are also … Read more

Ice Breakers For Training Sessions

Ice Breakers For Training Sessions

Ice Breakers for training sessions are a fantastic way to ensure your training session gets off the the best possible start and to get everyone in the right head space to maximize the learning. I have previously covered Ice Breakers For Presentations but training sessions are usually in smaller groups and require different types of … Read more

Ice Breakers For Presentations

Ice Breaker for Presentations

Getting your presentation off to a good start is one of the most important factors if you want it to go well. Sometimes I have seen people do fantastic presentations but because they went on after a really poor one the audience were already flat and didn’t really pay enough attention. You need to be … Read more

Tips On Doing A Presentation

Tips on doing a presentation

Are you looking for some top tips to help deliver a good presentation, do you have to deliver your first presentation or are you a seasoned presenter and just looking for a simple check list to help make sure you are fully prepared. Whatever your situation or requirements this post will hopefully help you navigate … Read more

Infographic Vs Plain Text

Infographic Vs Plain Text

Are you trying to figure out what the big deal is with Infographics and why do so many people use them when you can just as easily explain your message using text? I get asked this at work quite often when I tell colleagues that I prefer using Infographics so I am going to explain … Read more

How To Add Music To Powerpoint Presentations

Add Music to PPT

Most people don’t add music to their presentations but I’m going to show you why incorporating music into your PowerPoint presentations can really lift your game, it isn’t just a matter of entertainment, it’s also about making a lasting impression. Imagine your audience sitting up, taking notice, and actually feeling the message you’re conveying. That’s … Read more

PresenterMedia Review

Free PresenterMedia Animations

Why Should I Look at PresenterMedia I was looking for a GIF to add to a presentation but what I found was so much more than I thought I needed. PresenterMedia is the perfect partner for PowerPoint when creating presentations, it is a versatile platform that has the best selection of really cool multimedia tools … Read more

Create Infographics Free

Create Infographics Free

Infographics are no longer just for professionals as you can create infographics online free like an expert now, there is no need to be a graphics expert or have years of training as there are now lots of systems online that will do most of the work for you. Infographics have become a must have … Read more

Piktochart Review

Canva Alternative Free

Welcome to my Piktochart Review, I will try to cover as much as possible about Piktochart so you don’t have to search everywhere for the info you need to decided if this is the best platform for your needs. Are you looking for Good Infographic Examples or a even a Free Canva Alternative or maybe … Read more